Update On My Barbara La Marr Biography

Friday, January 30, 2015

In addition to portraying silent screen siren Barbara La Marr, I have also been writing about her. My Barbara La Marr biography, The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful: The Extraordinary Life Story of Silent Screen Vamp, Barbara La Marr, is still moving right along. I have finished incorporating all of the additional research information I had accumulated into earlier chapters and resumed where I left off.

I am currently in the midst of Chapter Thirty-Four. It is the fall of 1924. Barbara has recently completed the filming of Sandra, her first film as a full-fledged star with Associated Pictures and First National. Her fans, producers, and distributor await the film’s release with great anticipation. Behind the scenes, Barbara is feeling the intense pressures of stardom. Rail-thin flappers are emerging as the screen’s newest idols and, at her producers’ insistence, she must quickly shed her voluptuous form. She resorts to drastic measures to do so, all the while questioning whether or not she will validate everyone’s faith in her star potential…

New Post on My Barbara La Marr Tribute Website

Eighty-nine years ago today in 1926, silent screen superstar Barbara La Marr passed away tragically at the age of twenty-nine. Outside the Los Angeles chapel where her funeral took place, a reported 10,000 people jammed the streets, perched atop buildings and light poles, and fought police barricades to pay tribute to one of the era's leading s ex goddesses. Although frequently cast as formulaic vamp characters, Barbara indeed had talent to match her beauty. Read more in today's blog post, "Ascending Star," on my Barbara La Marr tribute website: http://barbaralamarr.net/?page_id=30 .